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When it comes to replacing your windows, there are a plethora of window types to choose from. At Gleason Home Improvements, we offer only the highest quality of windows that will ensure that your home is protected and energy efficient. We are proud to offer Vinylmax® Windows, which are at the top of their class when it comes to brands of windows. With the warranty that comes with your new window, you will never have to worry about scrounging around the money for a vinyl window service when an accident happens. If you need vinyl window replacement in High Point, NC, call (336) 823-6156 today!

What are Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows are named because of the material that is used to make up the frame. Consequently, vinyl windows are made of vinyl, which is a hardy material that is durable, meaning that you will spend less time on the maintenance of your window and more time enjoying them.

Vinyl Replacement Windows

We know what you are thinking, why should I go with vinyl replacement windows, when I can invest in aluminum or wood windows? To help you understand the answer to this question, we have broken down the pros and cons of each window type in a comparison chart, allowing you to decide for yourself which type of window is best for your home.


Vinyl Windows can be matched to fit the style of any home. They are made with the same material throughout the frame, which means that if the frame were to chip, you wouldn’t be able to notice as much since the color is the same throughout the window. They are also a bit thicker than other windows, which can aid in the energy efficiency of your home.

Aluminum Windows are often times painted to match the given aesthetic of the home. This may look great at first but over time, if the paint begins to chip, then you will see the harsh metal underneath. This requires that aluminum windows be given a fresh coat of paint every so often, so that they may continue to match the look of your home.

Wood Windows are probably the best looking window out there. They give your home a natural look that can give off a warm homey feeling. The only problem is that with wood, you can easily see the effects of aging over time, as the wood finish begins to darken. This requires that the frame of your windows be regularly maintained to help support that fresh look.


Vinyl Windows are extremely durable. They do not age easily, as the strong material of the vinyl makes it resistant to cracking, marring, and denting. This means that the vinyl window does not need much maintenance.

Aluminum Windows are also hardy windows. They are resistant to scratches and marring, but they do have a problem with acquiring dents after a hail storm or from debris. Also, if your aluminum windows are painted, the paint can chip off pretty easily, requiring a bit more upkeep to keep your windows looking pristine.

Wood Windows need a lot of upkeep to avoid running into issues. Because they were once a living thing, wood windows can suffer from problems such as rotting, water damage, insects, and warping. It is important to get wooden windows regularly treated to avoid running into these problems.

Energy Efficiency

Vinyl Windows with an American Flag

Vinyl Windows Fit on Any Home and They Give a Nice Clean Look.

Vinyl Windows were built and designed with energy efficiency in mind. That is why we offer Vinylmax® windows because we understand that families want to save money where they can and ensure that their home is running efficiently.

Aluminum Windows, because they are primarily metal, conduct and radiate heat and cold. This causes your home to fluctuate with the temperature outside. To prevent this from happening, aluminum windows need a special thermal break. This adds to the cost of the window.

Wood Windows have the same energy efficiency rating as most vinyl windows.

Ability to Go Green By Recycling

Vinyl Windows are not easily recyclable because their main ingredient is plastic. This makes it not a very good choice for those who are looking for a “greener” option.

Aluminum Windows are very easy to recycle, as the metal can be melted down and then reused elsewhere.

Wood Windows are also highly recyclable, as the wood can be shaved down and the reset to fit either another project or broken down. They can then use the broken down window for gardening projects, as its minerals can promote soil health.

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When compared to other window types, vinyl windows match up to be one of the better choices. They are energy efficient, look great on any home, and are durable, allowing you to have a window that lasts. When it comes to vinyl window replacement in High Point, NC, no one does it better than our specialists at Gleason Home Improvements. We offer the top-quality brand of windows from Vinylmax® that comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring that your windows are not only protected but that you make the most out of your investment. If you would like a quote or have more questions about our window, please call us at (336) 823-6156