Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows offer a different look and are a bit more affordable than double hung windows. This is perfect for those that are concerned with staying on a lower-end budget. Single hung windows are one of the most common types of windows in the United States, making them not only affordable but also readily available.

What is a Single Hung Window?

The difference between a double hung window and a single hung window is the way they open up. A single hung window can only be opened on the bottom sash, whereas a double-hung window can be opened from both the top and the bottom. Single hung windows, for this reason, are generally less expensive than the double hung windows, which can be more buyer friendly.

What is the Lifespan of Single Hung Windows?

The lifespan of any window depends on the material used to make the frame. Our Vinylmax® single hung windows have a warranty that usually lasts the life of the window, which is about 20-25 years.

What are the Pros and Cons of Owning a Single Hung Window?

As with anything in life, there are different aspects you have to consider when you are looking to replace your windows. Here is a list of the pros and cons when investing in a single hung window.


Single hung windows are financially friendly. They are available at a low cost, making it easier to replace them when it comes time to have a full window replacement in your home. They are easy to install, saving you money on labor costs. They also help save you money on your energy bill, as they are highly energy efficient, which is perfect for families trying to keep within a certain budget.

When it comes to worrying about window repairs, single hung windows generally don’t suffer as many problems as the double hung windows do. This is because they have less moving parts, which makes it harder for them to break. The only things you have to worry about breaking on a single hung window is the glass (when accidents happen), the track in the frame beginning to stick, and the sash cracking. These types of problems can be easily avoided with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Your home has added security with a single hung window, as only having one sash generally means that the locking mechanism on the window is hardier. Windows provide a possible entry point for burglars, so having extra protection on your windows will help you avoid this problem.

If you have a smaller home, a single hung window would be perfect for your space. They generally can come in smaller sizes, fitting perfectly into your home, saving you some wall space to hang pictures up.

Versatility is also an added bonus. Single Hung windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them able to fit any kind of aesthetic that you are going for. Here is a quick list of possibilities for styles.


Unlike double hung windows that can open from both the bottom and top sash, a single hung window can only open from the bottom. This makes it a bit harder to clean, as you have to go outside to get the other side of the glass. With a double hung window, you can easily open the other sash while keeping the second one closed and clean the glass easily. This is why maintenance on a single hung window can be a bit tricky, especially if it is on the upper level of a home.

Limited ventilation is also a problem with a single hung window. This is due to only one sash being able to open, which doesn’t allow as much airflow as the double hung window. Though for the very same reason, the single hung window is more energy efficient than the double hung, as it has less potential for developing leaks.

Single Hung Window Repair

Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Window Installment and Replacement Are Only a Phone Call Away.

As with all windows that we sell at Gleason Home Improvements, our windows come with a warranty that lasts the lifetime of the window. We offer home window repairs, ensuring that your window remains strong so that it can protect your family and help you save money. We offer glass replacement, sash repair, and frame repairs. Our goal has always been to address the needs of our clients and meet them with a plan that helps save them money and gives them added security and a piece of mind. 

If you think a single hung window would be right for you and your home, give us a call at (336) 823-6156 in High Point, NC for a free consultation and more information on our top quality Vinylmax® windows. We look forward to speaking with you and helping make your home stronger.