What is the Purpose of Soffit and Fascia?

vented soffit and fascia

What is the Difference Between a Soffit and Fascia?

When you bring up either term to most people, there can often be a common misunderstanding by what you mean. The soffit serves as a cover from the exterior wall of the structure to the underside edge of the roof. It covers the interior of your roof, such as the rafters, from moisture and helps maintain the condition of your rafters. On the other hand, the fascia is the board supporting the gutter, commonly known as the roofline. While relatively lesser known than other parts of the roof, both serve a purpose to the overall structure and are entirely different. Soffit have both a conventional nature as much as they have an aesthetic appeal, being positioned in such a way to appear supportive and extending out of the home. Fascias have little aesthetic use to them, only matching the color of the home when not holding gutters close to your home.

What is the Best Material for Soffit?

Materials used for soffits vary depending on the homeowner. The general purpose for this part of your roof as mentioned is to keep the moisture out and prevent mold and deterioration from happening in your rafters. With that in mind, the right material will be capable of fulfilling that role while also being somewhat customizable in appearance to fit the basic look the structure has been built up to fulfill. Here are some of those materials:

  • Wood – such as red wood or plywood
  • Aluminum 
  • uPVC 
  • Vinyl

Each material has their own benefits, most being easy to maintain and have a significant lifespan. As a rule of thumb, a homeowner should give both their soffit and fascia a look over every time the clean out the gutters of their home, having them examined by a professional roofer in part with an annual roof inspection. Fascia and soffit repair are reasonably priced when it comes to repair as well as replacement. A good thing to remember that damage appearing on your soffit may also detail further damage on the interior of your roof. While not as talked about as other parts of the roof, soffit and fascia for that matter present themselves as important in the long term maintenance of your home.

How do I Clean House Fascia?

Soffit and fascia cleaning tends to be much simpler than what can be perceived. Like many surfaces on the exterior of your home, both can accumulate a surface of pollen, dirt, and nests made by various insects or sometimes birds. Such cleaning can be taken care of in a similar fashion to something like a table in your home or even like the outer surface of your car. The first point of interest should be to remove anything that a towelette or cloth will not get, then soap it down before rinsing off the surface. While pressure washers can be used on this surface of your home, it is often recommended against. The reason being that if either surface is breached by the force that accompanies the pressure washer, your soffit and fascia could be compromised without you knowing.

home with fascia and soffit

Should I Replace Fascia?

As seen in our soffit and fascia services, we understand that there is a need for soffit and fascia repair every so often. Due to the nature of both parts of your home, we understand when the need arises. The fascia board often receives little credit in helping a home run at top capacity during storms and other inclimate weather that can send rain or snow water racing off of your roof. For that reason, here are our suggestions when thinking of fascia replacement: 

  • If the fascia connecting your drains are wood or a material easily damaged by moisture
  • When damage is obvious and extensive
  • In occasions where repairs become consistent 

Upon a roof inspection, one of our certified roofers will always be up front about whether a part of your home will need a repair or replacement of any kind. We value our work and craftsmanship, making it no secret that Gleason Home Improvements has every interest in seeing your home function at the best possible capacity. 

That is why we cater to customers that require soffit and fascia repair in High Point, NC and the surrounding areas. Don’t let another roofing company pass your problems to someone less qualified, trust Gleason Home Improvements to get the job done with roofers that have years of experience under their belts. We fix your soffit and fascia so your home remains resistant to the weather. 

Customers should also consider when adding soffits to consider vented soffits to their home as well. Vented soffits provide the customer with another method to keep their home in a climate controlled state, helping in both warm and cold months. Vented soffits serve multiple purposes, two particularly important are they help insulate the top part of your home where the soffits are concerned and also assist in the overall airflow. With vented soffits, the interior will have an intake and exit point for air without taking on moisture that can prove damaging for some parts. For more information about how Gleason Home Improvements can help you in High Point, NC, call (336) 823-6156 today to set up an appointment.