What Energy Efficiency Is All About

Changing light bulbs is just one way people can make homes more energy efficient.

How energy efficient is my home

Many homeowners today are concerned with energy efficiency and making their homes more energy efficient. In general, when you are trying to make your home more energy efficient, you are trying to reduce the amount of energy consumed without sacrificing output. The main reason you want to do this is to save money. You may already have some strategies in place to make your home more energy efficient such as insulation or you’ve installed an energy efficient roofing system like a metal roof.

But there are other strategies you can apply to may your home more energy efficient and save money.  

Energy efficient at home

To make your home more energy efficient, you have to think of your home as a system and each component, from roofs to the appliances you choose, works as a network to improve energy efficiency and save money. Here are some tips so you can be more energy efficient at home.

Energy efficient tips

Some ways to improve energy efficiency include:

  • Installing effective insulation: Adding insulation slows down heat outflow in the winter and inflow in the summer, putting less strain on your heating and cooling systems.
  • Upgrading windows: You can replace your older windows with newer ones that designed for better energy efficiency. You can also insulate your windows with weatherstripping to stop drafts and leaks.
  • Planting shade trees and shrubs: Trees and shrubs, especially those planted on the west side of a home, help with cooling especially in the summer months, by blocking out sunlight in the hottest areas of the home.
  • Replacing old roof with energy efficient system: Roofs can be some of the hottest areas of your home, since they are exposed daily to the sun’s heat and since heat rises from interior to the top of the house. One energy efficient option is a metal roof because of their high reflectivity. For metal roof installation in High Point, NC, Gleason Home Improvements is your reliable source.
  • Replacing HVAC system with a newer high-efficiency system: Older heating and cooling systems become less efficient as they age, and there are newer high-efficiency systems that will save you money. No matter how old your HVAC system, if you have clogged or damaged air ducts your system won’t run efficiently. Air duct repair is necessary to keep your system running at peak performance.
  • Improving hot water usage: You can improve your hot water usage to lower energy usage by turning down the heat and installing low-flow fixtures.
  • Replacing incandescent bulbs: Incandescent bulbs use a lot of energy. Replace them with LED or compact fluorescent lights which produce stronger light and last longer.

Does a new roof help energy efficiency?

New roofs are much more energy energy efficient, especially when you install energy efficient materials like clay tiles or synthetic shingles because these systems are highly reflective of sunlight. Because of their reflectivity, metal roofs are considered energy efficient. They can be painted in a variety of colors to fit your home’s style and the climate in your region. Lighter color roofs, for instance, cool better in warmer climates, while darker roofs are great for those living in cooler climates. Backed with rigid foam insulation, a metal roof’s energy efficiency is even further enhanced.

Metal roofs can improve a home's energy efficiency.

Is a metal roof more energy efficient?

Metal roofs have gained a reputation for their inability to insulate homes, but this reputation is not well-founded. While metal roofs do tend in some cases, depending on the quality of the installation, to allow warm air to escape, they do reduce energy consumption because of their reflectivity. They are especially valued when it comes to cooling your home because they absorb less heat from direct sunlight. Different colors can increase energy efficiency as well. So can a backing of rigid foam insulation, which can be applied directly to your metal roof when it’s installed.  

What are the advantages of a metal roof?

Besides being energy efficient, metal roofs offer several advantages over other roofing systems. There’s little question, for instance, that metal roofs are some of the sturdiest around. Whether they are steel, aluminum or other metal, they are highly fire resistant and hold up to the worst Mother Nature can throw at them when it comes to high winds, snow and ice. They even hold up well against hail and while they may get dented by it, they are less vulnerable to punctures caused by hail. Metal roofs are lightweight as well and easy to install.

What is the most energy efficient roof color?

When it comes to roof color, much of your energy efficiency will depend on where you live. In hotter climates lighter colors will help cool your roof by as much as 50 to 60 degrees, which in turn, put less strain on your air conditioner. Similarly, darker roofs will absorb heat more, which may be better in cooler climates, although this heat absorption can contribute to the Urban Heat Island Effect in dense urban areas in which heat gets trapped and making the area warmer.

Is a dark or light roof better?

Again, much of how roof color affects your home will depend on how hot or cold it is outside, though, as mentioned above, darker roofs tend to be warmer and can trap heat in urban areas. While roof color can help with energy efficiency, probably the most important way to save energy with your roof is through quality insulation installation.

Energy efficiency for all

No matter where you live, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency from simple steps like changing light bulbs to replacing appliances like heaters and air conditioners with newer models. Anyone can improve energy efficiency.

If you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, one place to start with is your roof. Even small repairs can help. Whether you need repairs or you’re considering a new roof in High Point, NC, you can rely on Gleason Home Improvements to ensure your roof is an energy efficient part of your home. Call us today at (336) 823-6156 to find out what we can do for you.