Siding Installation in High Point, NC

Gleason Home Improvement Siding Installation

Our Work Speaks for Itself, We Are the Leaders in Siding Installation.

Gleason Home Improvements is proud to offer premium vinyl siding materials for all of its siding installation and repair services. We use top-quality materials from Royal Brand siding in order to help you protect your investment with a siding that was built to last. 

If you are looking to update or repair your vinyl siding in High Point, NC then call us today at (336) 823-6156 for your free estimate. 

Royal Crest

Royal Crest Siding comes in 14 unique UV-resistant colors and four different styles and sizes, allowing you to pick the perfect siding for your home. It is highly durable and is one of the highest-ranking sidings when it comes to color retention. It also comes with a double-lifetime guarantee, helping you feel more confident about your investment.

Royal Woodland

Royal Woodland ups the ante by coming in 31 UV resistant colors for you to choose from. It has been field tested to survive the toughest weather conditions when it comes to hail, wind, and sun. It comes in four different styles and sizes, which include 16 and 25-foot panels that reduce the number of seams and creates beautiful shadow lines to add a little flare to the aesthetic. This siding also comes with a double-lifetime warranty.

Haden Insulated 

Haden Insulated has been designed to take on the pleasing aesthetic of real wood while providing your home the industry’s leading insulation. This helps you cut down on the energy costs by reducing the amount of cold and hot air that can escape through your walls. It is 240% more durable than cement and helps reduce noise pollution 40% better than other siding materials. Royal Brand manufactures it in a variety of colors that you can use to match your home’s style.

Siding Installation Service

As devoted home improvement specialists, we have dedicated our time and energy into being able to cater to all of your home’s needs. We have over 20 years experience when it comes to siding installation and back all of our siding options with a double-lifetime warranty, to guarantee that your siding will not leave your home unprotected.

You might be wondering how to tell if your home needs siding installation or repair. In order to help educate our clients on understanding and recognizing the state of their home, we have taken the time to put together signs that indicate your siding needs some work.

  • Dry Rot
  • You Keep Needing To Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint On Your Siding
  • Warped Or Rotting Material
  • Higher Energy Bills
  • Loose Siding
  • Cracked Siding
  • Holes
  • Mildew, Fungus, Or Mold
  • Bubbling Of The Material Or Paint
  • Fading

We also offer maintenance services for your vinyl siding and back up the warranty on all of your siding models. Here are the services we offer for your vinyl siding

Vinyl Siding Installation

Gleason Home Improvement Siding Installation

Beautiful Siding Installation on a Residential Home.

When it comes time for you to get a new vinyl siding, you can count on your team at Gleason Home Improvements to be there to help you find the best design and type of vinyl siding for your home. We are dedicated to ensuring that your home not only looks fantastic but that it is able to protect you and your family. Call us today at (336) 823-6156 for more information on our brands and to receive your free estimate. 

Vinyl Siding Replacement

We understand that accidents happen, which is why all of our vinyl sidings come with a double-lifetime warranty, protecting your investment. When you need a Vinyl Siding Replacement, we will come out and do an inspection on the damaged area, so we can get a better feel of how much siding needs to be replaced, and whether or not the damage caused any further problems to the rest of your home.


Dirt and dust naturally collect on any of your home’s materials over time, which is why we offer power-washing services. We want your vinyl siding to look its best, adding to its curb-appeal and keeping it pristine and healthy. This also helps us inspect for any potential damages, allowing you to catch a weak spot before it causes problems for you and your family.

Siding Installation Service

Gleason Home Improvements Siding Installation Services

Gleason Home Improvement Siding Installation Leaves Client’s Loving Their Home.

If you are looking for a siding installation service in High Point, NC then call the team of home improvement specialists that know vinyl siding the best, the team at Gleason Home Improvements. 

We not only cater to the needs of your home, but we also address the concerns of you as the homeowner. That is why we work with you to find the perfect vinyl siding for your home, help you match your preferred color, and then install it. We only use the highest-quality materials, the highest grade tools, and the best practices in the trade on any job. We back all of this with our warranties and our dedication to helping you finance your new siding. We offer 12-months-same-as-cash option, allowing you to have no payments or building interest for a year. This will allow you time to get the money together to begin payments on your new siding, without leaving your family in a financial struggle. We also help you with homeowners insurance claims, making sure that you get the repairs or replacements that you need.

All of this is done to fulfill our mission of creating beautiful and safe homes for our clients, giving them the space to learn and grow. If you would like your free estimate today, then call us at (336) 823-6156.