Roof Wind Damage Repair

When a storm hits, even if the rain is minimal and there is no hail, your roof could have still sustained damage. Wind is a force that is not to be overlooked, as it can usually cause the biggest problems for your roof. The wind has the ability to curl and break loose shingles, tossing them across your yard like they are nothing more than a frisbee. Wind can also pick up debris and throw it at your roof, causing impact damage to shingles and flashing. All of these can lead to you needing roof wind damage repair.

Wind Damage Repair, Shingles Being Blown Off A Roof

Shingles Can Become Curled and Blown Off of a Roof.

If after that last storm, you heard the wind howling and a couple knocks from your roof, it may be time to call an expert team of roofers to help you overcome the damages. At Gleason Home Improvements we handle all kinds of roof repair needs, from wind to hail we have seen it all. If you are in need or roof wind damage repair in High Point, NC then call us at (336) 823-6156 to get started with your free estimate. 

What Are the Signs of Roof Wind Damage?

The power of the wind can be mind-blowing. If you have ever seen pictures or videos of homes after a major hurricane or tornado, you can often times see the massive destruction left in its wake. Wind is responsible for tearing down trees and crashing them onto the roof. Besides the obvious of having a large tree resting on your roof, here are some other things that you can be on the lookout for to help you determine if your roof has sustained wind damage.

Missing or Broken Shingles

When your roof is being bombarded by the wind, it often catches the shingles that are in the corner of your roof, pulling at them until they begin to curl. When this happens, the integrity of the shingle goes down and it is no longer able to help hold the shingles around it in place. The more of them that begin to curl, the more likely that some of the individual shingles will become loose completely and be torn away from your roof. If you notice shingles are scattered around your yard or there is a bald spot on your roof, then you know that your roof has sustained wind damage.


If you notice that your gutter is looking a bit warped or dented, this could be the sign that debris has either struck your gutter or it is lodged into the pipes. If there is debris stuck in your gutter, then there is a high possibility that your roof has sustained damage as well.

It is important to regularly maintain the health of your gutter, as the added weight of the debris can cause strain on your fascia. This could lead to the fascia cracking or becoming warped, which causes you more money in repairs.

Chimney and Your Chimney Flashing

Dents in your chimney flashing or broken, chipped bricks can indicate that there has been impact damage to your roof caused by debris from the wind. This is an indicator that your roof has sustained damages as well.


If you notice that there are stains on your walls or ceiling, then this could be an indication of a leak. Leaks can be caused by impact damage from debris or even because some of the shingles have become curled, allowing moisture to slip under the shingles. If this is the case, it is vital that you call a roofing specialist to help you stop further damages and repair the leak.

Wind Causing Damage By Falling Trees

Wind Damage, Fallen Tree, Wind Damage Repair

Trees Can Be Become Uprooted During a Strong Storm.

As mentioned earlier, wind can cause trees to fall into your yard and possibly on your roof. Keeping a tab on the health of your trees can help you avoid this serious problem. If you notice your tree is dead or dying (leaves falling early, or not growing back at all), then it is time to get someone in to take the tree down. Dead trees have a higher chance of falling from high winds, as their roots become weaker. It is also a wise idea to keep tree limbs trimmed back so that they stay at least two feet away from your roof. Trees whose limbs are allowed to grow over the top the roof can scrape and puncture roofs during a wind storm.

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If there is damage from your roof because of the last windstorm, don’t hesitate to get it fixed. Waiting can cause more damages to your roof and your home, which can lessen the chance that your insurance company will help you cover damages. If you are looking for a team of expert roofers in High Point, NC then call Gleason Home Improvements at (336) 823-6156. We will help you put your life together after a major wind storm, reinforcing your roof with new shingles, helping to repair leaks, and ensuring that your roof is strong enough to handle the next storm. We also work with insurance companies and work with you on financing to help you cover the cost of damages. We want you and your family to be safe, and that starts with having a strong roof to protect your home.