Roof Leak Repair

Roof Leak Repair, Discoloration

Stains on a Wall or Your Ceiling Are Signs That You Need a Roof Leak Repair.

No one enjoys hearing the squishing sound of a wet carpet and feeling water rise up between their toes. Roof leaks are a common problem in the world of roofing, and they can cause some unsightly damages to your home. When you notice that your roof has a leak, it is important that you seek a professional to aid you with your roof leak repair.

At Gleason Home Improvements, we have been helping the people of High Point, NC with repairing roof leaks for over 20 years, enabling them to get back to the things that matter most, their families. If your life is being put on hold because of a soggy carpet and a leaky roof, then call us today at (336) 823-6156 for a free estimate. 

Roof Leak Detection

Sometimes, roof leaks can be a bit hard to spot until they become out of control and cause major damage to your home and your belongings. If you are not sure what to look for when inspecting your home for a possible roof leak, then just take a moment to read below. We have compiled a list of possible signs that your roof may need a roof leak repair.

Stains on Your Ceiling or Walls 

Discoloration on your ceilings or walls is a possible sign that there is a leak. Pay particular attention to the paint as well, if it is bubbling or you are noticing mold growing around the stain, then you have a pretty good chance of a roof leak. This should be taken care of immediately, as mold can lead to negative health effects such as nasal congestion, shortness of breath or trouble breathing, and the feeling that your throat is tightening.

Dripping Water

Probably the most obvious sign of your roof having a leak is dripping water. It is hard to miss, as it can cause the floors underneath to be damp or slippery. If you notice dripping water, grab a bucket to prevent any water damage to your floor and call your expert team of roofers at Gleason Home Improvements. 

Moss Growing on Your Roof or on Your Sidings

Take the time to look outside of your home too. If you notice that there is moss growing on your siding (especially where it meets the roof), then this is a pretty clear sign of a leak. The water creates a perfect environment for moss and mildew to grow, which again, can cause allergies to flare.

Missing or Broken Shingles

If you notice that a few shingles have come loose and are now just laying in your yard, you can be pretty sure, especially when combined with the other signs, that your roof has a leak. At this point, it is important to not only get your leak fixed but the broken, lost shingles replaced as well. This way, you can avoid further damages from a weakened section of your roof and help prevent another leak from occurring.

How to Patch a Roof Leak

Safety should always be your first concern. It is not recommended for people who have no training to go up on a roof. It can be incredibly dangerous, and there is nothing to catch you, except for the hard ground, if you fall. It is always recommended calling a professional roofing team, such as your experts at Gleason Home Improvements, we offer free roof inspections and estimates to help you gauge how much it is going to cost to fix your roof. 

When you rely on our team to help you fix your roof, we go through a list of steps to make sure that your roof is secure and to help prevent further leaks. Here are the steps we follow.

  1. Roof Inspection to locate the leak
  2. Identify the problem
  3. Put together an estimate
  4. Get a team out quickly to fix the problem.
  5. Do a final inspection to make sure the problem has been taken care of and there are no more leaks.

Metal Roof Leak Repair

Despite the unparalleled durability of a metal roof, it is still possible for them to experience leaks. Here are the most common reasons for needing a metal roof leak repair.

  • Open Seams
  • Broken Flashing
  • Metal Roof Oxidation (Rusted Roof)
  • Broken Fastener System
  • Improper Installation
  • Panel Damage or Penetration from debris

In order to fix a metal roof leak, we use the same steps as earlier and repair the parts that are causing the problem. For metal roofs, the repair could be as easy as just replacing the broken part.

Emergency Roof Leak Repair

Roof Inspection, Roof Leak Repair

We Offer Free Inspections!

If you are experiencing a roof leak in High Point, NC and are in need of immediate emergency roof leak repair, call Gleason Home Improvements. Our dedicated team will not only help you fix your leaking roof, but we can also assist you in filing a claim with your insurance company, to help you cover the cost of repairs. It is our mission to serve our client, not just service their roof. If you are looking for a team that you can turn to in the good and bad, then call us at (336) 823-6156