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Insurance Claim Assistance, Roof Damage

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Insurance companies can be a bit meticulous and difficult to work with. It is extremely important to you, as the homeowner, to understand your individual homeowner’s insurance policy before making a claim. If the idea of facing an insurance company on your own makes you nervous, then take a deep breath. If you are looking for a partner to help you in your insurance claims process in High Point, NC then allow our dedicated team of roofing experts at Gleason Home Improvements guide you through the process. We have been working alongside different insurance companies for over 20 years, and are more than familiar with the different insurance policies that each company provides. Call us at (336) 823-6156 to begin talking to a representative to help you with your insurance policy claim. 

Common Insurance Policy Coverage

No two insurance companies are the same, but they do share common coverage options for homeowners, and these shared coverages can help you get your life back together after a disaster. Here are some of the most common coverage options.


Your home is covered under the dwelling section of your insurance policy. This includes things such as your roof, ceiling, siding, and other sections of your house that allow it to be stable and protect you and your home. This also refers to any buildings that are not necessarily attached to your home but still aid it, such as a shed or a garage.

Personal Property

Your home isn’t just made by the structures that hold it together, but it is also created by the things inside which give you comfort. After a long day at work, most people like to come home and become a couch potato as they watch the TV and allow the stresses of the day to fade away. If a power surge were to occur, frying your TV, then your homeowner’s insurance would help cover that as well.


If that roof leak you have been “forgetting” to get fixed causes mold, and that mold made your visitor ill, and they press charges, your liability coverage can help you handle the cost of the court fees. Liability helps protect you from damages that may cause harm to your visitors.

Other Structures On Your Property

Honestly, we are not sure why homeowners insurance has a separate section for this one since this category is basically the same as a dwelling. It just states that your shed, garage, or outdoor studio of your home is covered.

Roof Insurance Claims

At Gleason Home Improvements, our main concern when it comes to homeowners insurance is with your dwelling coverage, as this is where our specialties take place. When it comes to protecting your home, insurance companies label any natural disaster, freak accident, or any accident outside of the homeowner’s control as perils. There is a large range of categories that fall under perils, and to help you better understand them, we are going to take a moment to go through them with you. 

Fire and Smoke

When a fire causes damage to your home, your homeowner’s insurance policy kicks in to help you cover the damages. This includes fixing the structure of your home and also replacing any damaged personal items. If the damages are extensive to the point where your home is deemed uninhabitable, then your insurance company will also help you cover the expenses of living elsewhere while your home gets repaired.


Though highly uncommon, lightning strikes can cause major damage to your roof or home. It can completely tear off shingles, in some cases cause fires, and create a power surge which can damage electronics. Your homeowner’s insurance has your back though and can help you get grounded again after a lightning strike.

Windstorms and Hail

Roof Insurance Claims Assistance, Hail Damage

Hail Damage to A Roof.

As most homeowners know, wind and hail can be the biggest troublemakers when it comes to your roof. Wind can curl and break loose shingles, chuck debris at your house, and in worst cases, come in the form of tornadoes that can rip your house right off of its base. No matter the form in which wind causes damage to your roof, you can rest assured that your homeowner’s insurance, and your trusted team at Gleason Home Improvements, have your back. 

Likewise, hail can also cause some serious damage, no matter what size it is. Hail can leave dents in your flashing, siding, and gutters. They can also cause some major damage to shingle, metal roofs, and wooden roofs, leaving behind dents, cracks, or even holes. These types of damages leave your roof vulnerable to other damages, such as leaks or even torn underlayment. These damages can be costly, so having some help from your homeowner’s insurance is a huge help.


Helps protect your home from damages by those “pesky kids” who keep invading your lawn.


Theft is never a problem to deal with. Not only does it leave you feeling vulnerable in your own home, but replacing the items that have been stolen can be extremely difficult, especially if they held sentimental value. Homeowners insurance aids in recovering from the aftermath of theft.

Ice Dams

Though it isn’t as common as some of the other perils on this list, it is still a good thing to have covered. Your roof and your home can only take so much weight, and while snow and ice may not seem initially to be that heavy, and lot of it can leave your roof cracking under the pressure. Damages such as this need to be taken care of right away, as it threatens the integrity of your entire home and not just the roof.

Water Damage

Whether it is a leak on your roof or from a broken pipe, water damage can cause all sorts of problems. Funky smells, mold, staining on your walls and ceilings, and the worst, wet socks from a soaked floor can give you and your family a massive headache. Trying to recover from water damage can be costly, as it usually requires more than one repair to get rid of the problem completely. This is one of the main reasons why water damage is covered by most homeowners’ insurance policies.


Though we pray you never experience the heavy devastation of an explosion in your home, it is still possible. Explosions can be caused by a broken water heater, a faulty stove, or an ignition from a spark during a natural gas leak.

Roof Repair Insurance Claim

Most insurance companies will ask for proof of damages when you file a claim for hail damage roof repair or even to help cover other damages, such as a water leak. This usually requires a roof inspection, which if you are in the High Point, NC area, your team of professional roofers can help. We offer free roof inspections and estimates, to help you handle your insurance policy claim.

Water Damage, Roof Insurance Claim Assistance

Water and Hail Damage Can Be Difficult to Handle.

When you ask for this service, we will send one of our roofers over to your home to do an inspection of the damages. If it is hail damage that we are looking for, we usually mark the affected areas with chalk, so that when we take pictures of the damages, the insurance companies will have no doubt as to where they are. We then formulate an estimate that tells you and the insurance company, how much repairs are going to cost, including parts and labor. We give you two copies of the estimate, one for the insurance company and then one for you as well, so that way you have a file for your records.

Why do we do this? Simple, our top priority is not about the sale of the service. Our top priority has always been for the well-being of our clients. Times like these are stressful, and trying to go through it alone can make the weight of it almost unbearable. We want our clients to know that they have a team that is dedicated to their safety. This includes dealing with the insurance company and then following through on repairs.

If your home has suffered damages from a natural disaster, or as the insurance company calls them, perils, Gleason Home Improvements is ready to help. Just call us at (336) 823-6156 to get started on the path of home repairs today.