Hail Damage Roof Repair

Hail Grains, Hail Damage Roof Repair

Hail May Not Look Like Much, But It Can Cause Some Major Damage to Your Roof.

Hail damage is a silent killer of roofs. If often times goes unnoticed because homeowners are unsure what they are looking for, and from the ground, it can appear that everything is fine with your roof. Damage from hail can lead to some serious complications for your roof. It can leave shingles broken or cracked, or it can tear right through the shingle and harm the underlayment of your roof. Flashing doesn’t fare much better, as they often get dented from hail which lowers their integrity.

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What Should I Look for When Inspecting My Roof for Hail Damage?

Though it can be hard to identify hail damage from just looking at your roof, there are other areas of your home that can help you indicate whether or not your roof sustained damage. It may take some super-sleuthing on your part, but with the right knowledge as to what to look for, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Gutter Damage

Your gutter does a lot more than protects your home from run-off water. It is also an early indicating system that something may be up with your roof. If you notice that there are dents or warping of your gutter, this can be a sign of impact damage. If hail struck your gutter, there is a strong chance that it also struck your roof.

Siding and Windows

Typically, if your roof sustained major damage, the outside areas of your home will have suffered from damage as well. Walk around the outside of your home and pay particular attention to your siding and your windows. Any signs of cracking or dents will indicate that there was some impact damage, either from hail or debris. If these parts of your house are damage, there is a high possibility that your roof took a beating as well.

Chimney and Roof Flashing

Flashing on your chimney or roof can easily be spotted from the ground level of your home. If there are dents on the flashing, then you know for certain that something was striking your roof.

Outdoor Appliances

Hail Damage Roof Repair, Look At Car To Check For Damages

You Can Tell If There Is Roof Damage By Looking at the State of Your Car.

If you are walking around your backyard after a storm, or even in your driveway, and notice that there is damage to your outdoor grill or car, then there is a high chance that there was hail or debris hitting your home or around your home. You might notice an on-going pattern at this point. Damage anywhere around your home typically indicates damage to your roof as well.

How Can I Be Sure?

If you are ever uncertain about whether or not your roof has sustained storm damage, then it is always a wise decision to turn to a professional for help. If you are in High Point, NC and believe that your home has sustained roof damage, you can turn to the professional team at Gleason Home Improvements. We specialize in helping homeowners recover from storm damage, whether that be hail or from leaks. 

How Our Inspection Process Works

We have always been dedicated to the care and safety of our clients, which is why we offer free roof inspections. We would rather have our clients know for sure whether they need a roof repair then be left in the dark about one because they were afraid to spend money on a roof inspection.

When we inspect on top of your roof, we take an initial look at your flashing, vents, and skylights to see any blaring evidence of hail roof damage. Once we have our suspicions confirmed we take a close look at the shingles and mark with chalk where the damages are. This helps us keep track of the damages while also ensuring that we have ample evidence to provide to your insurance company, whom will ask for a list of damages and an estimate on how much it would cost to fix them. We do this, as we are dedicated to helping our clients handle insurance companies and get the money they deserve to help them fix damages.

Once we have finished our inspection, we write up a detailed estimate of how much the repairs are going to cost, including parts and labor. We then give you two copies of the estimate, one for your records and one for the insurance company.

Hail Damage Roof Repair, Hail Damage Marked With Challk

Hail Damage Marked With Chalk.

Keep in mind, insurance companies look at damage to the shingles as an indicator of whether or not they need to give you money for repairs. If there is no evidence of damage to your shingles, they will not give you anything, as they mark anything else cosmetic damage.

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