Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency Roof Repair, Thunderstorm, storm damage

Severe Weather Can Cause the Need of Emergency Roof Repair.

Gleason Home Improvements have been helping families for three generations help put their roof back together after a severe storm strikes. There is no problem too big for our roofing specialists to handle, and we would love to work with you to help you put your life back together. If your roof has sustained storm damage in High Point, NC, then call us today at (336) 823-6156 for a consultation on your roof repairs. 

How a Damage Can Tear Apart Your Roof

Thunderstorms are usually feared for their lightning and the thunder that accompanies it. While these things can be terrifying, when it comes to your roof, these two elements are actually quite harmless. Lightning doesn’t strike a roof very often and when it does, the way a house is designed helps the current reach the ground. The worst that can happen from this is that you have a few crispy shingles. The real terrors of a thunderstorm are elements that people see yet usually don’t take notice of.

Wind Damage

Loose Shingles, wind damage, emergency roof repair

Wind Can Knock Shingles Loose From Your Roof.

Wind can be a powerful force. Many probably have experienced this first hand, as wind shows its power by shaking the trees, pressing against us when we are walking outside, or even causing your car to swivel on the road. When it comes to your roof, wind puts a lot of pressure on the shingles. For asphalt shingles, this can cause them to curl over time and even pull them off of your roof and scatter them across your yard.

Another problem that comes with the wind is its uncanny ability to pick up debris and chuck it at your house as if it is playing dodgeball. Since your home cannot move out of the way, it takes the full force of the blow and weakened shingles can crack or completely break off.

Debris is also problematic for your gutters and fascia. If your gutters become clogged with debris, this can cause leaks and added weight. Water damage accompanied by the extra pounds can cause your fascia to warp, creating the need for it to be replaced.

Hail Damage

One of the biggest threats from severe weather is the threat of hail. You can tell from the look of your car after being pelted by hail, that dents are a likely occurrence. For asphalt shingles, hail can lead to broken, cracked, or missing shingles. If it strikes an already bald spot, this can create a hole in your roof, leading to damage to the underlayment. Metal roofs will have a problem with denting, that can weaken the overall integrity of the roof.

All of these problems can be solved with some roof repairs. If your roof is suffering from hail damage, then do not hesitate to call Gleason Home Improvements for your free estimate on repairs.


Rain can cause a build-up of water or moisture on your roof, especially if you have broken or missing shingles, dented flashing, and a clogged gutter. Leaks are problematic, as they deal more damage to your home, causing water damage to ceilings, walls, floors, and personal belongings, such as furniture. If you notice stains on your ceiling or dark patches on your roof, this may be an indication of a leak, and it is vital that you call your team of expert roofers at Gleason Home Improvements immediately. Ignoring the problem only leads to more costly repairs. 

Emergency Roof Repair Services Offered

We understand that inclement weather can leave its mark on your roof and cause you and your family to feel exposed to the elements. This is why we keep an emergency team on hand to help you when you need it the most. Here are the emergency roof repair services we provide.

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Leaking roof, emergency roof repair

Emergency Roof Repair to Fix a Leaking Roof.

If your home has sustained damage from a major storm or from debris, call your trusted team of roofers at Gleason Home Improvements. We specialize in all roof repair services, and we do not shy away from any challenge, no matter how extensive the damage. We work with you to ensure that your roof is repaired in a timely manner, allowing your home to be prepared for the next storm.

If you are worried about being able to pay for the cost of repairs, don’t worry, we offer roof insurance claim assistance. We know that insurance companies can be a bit tricky, and we guarantee that we will face them with you to help you get the repairs you need, without causing you financial hardship. We also offer financing to help cover any additional costs or to help you if you have any roof replacement needs.

If you need emergency roof repairs in High Point, NC then call us at (336) 823-6156 for your free estimate today.