Roof Storm Damage

Mother Nature is powerful. When she bares her teeth, it is usually our homes that suffer the consequences, whether it be from hail or mighty winds. Storm damage can take many forms, such as broken/lost shingles, leaks caused by trapped rainwater, and cracks or holes in your roof caused by debris and tree limbs. All of these can bring your life to a screeching halt as you try to figure out how to repair the damages. Allow Gleason Home Improvements to be your trusted team in putting your home back together and restarting your life.  

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Storm Damage Can Lead to Major Problems for Your Home.

With over 20 years of roofing history, and our recent experience dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Florence, after it ripped up the east coast on Friday, September 14th, we believe in our abilities and out the vast amount of knowledge to be able to handle all of your storm damage related needs. Call us today at (336) 823-6156 in High Point, NC to set up a free estimate about restoring your home after the next big storm.

Roof Storm Damage Services Offered

We have seen firsthand the unbridled power of mother nature and the state she can leave your home in after a severe storm. This is why we have specialized in storm damage repair, allowing us to increase the number of services we have available for our clients. This way, they don’t have to worry about dealing with multiple companies.  

We are no stranger when it comes to dealing with storm damage. In September of 2018, Hurricane Florence ripped up the east coast and caused massive devastation to the Carolinas. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go and help out our fellow North Carolinians rebuild after the storm.

Torn shingles, trees resting on roofs, stripped siding, and flooded roads was the picture we arrived to. Through hard work and devastation, we were able to help rebuild more than fifty homes that were affected by Hurricane Florence. We were proud and thankful to be able to help serve those of the affected communities, as we saw what true strength looked like as we watched those communities come together. It also helped us gain new knowledge on what storm damages look like, and the best way to make the repairs to ensure a more fortified roof and home.

Insurance Company Assistance

We understand that dealing with the insurance company after realizing that the last storm did a number to your home can be stressful. That is why Gleason Home Improvements offers insurance claims assistance. Insurance companies often want to know the extent to which your roof has suffered from storm damage. This can be hard and even dangerous (if you decide to go up on the roof), to figure out. We offer free inspections so that way we can help you determine the amount of damage that has been done. Once we know what the damages are, we then write up a detailed estimate, including the price of parts and labor, and then go over them with you and your insurance company, so that way there is no question as to what needs to be done. Your insurance company will then be able to handle the rest, and you will be able to have an easy feeling of knowing that your home will be taken care of. 

If you are still worried about covering the rest of the damages, don’t fret, as we also offer financing options. Options, such as our 12-Months-Same-As-Cash option will allow you to have a year of no payments and no interest. You can take that year to enjoy your home repairs and then work to saving the money to help cover the cost of the repairs.

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Storms can be scary and the aftermath of them, even more so. It is important for you to understand the signs that your home has sustained storm damage, so you know when to call for help. Within the pages of our website, our expert team of roofers has taken the time to sit down and explain the various damages that can happen to your home. We have also pointed out the various causes and ways to help avoid them. We want you to feel prepared and safe during the next storm, and not fret about the moments after. Your focus should be on your family and keeping them safe, not worried on the integrity of your home.

Roof Storm Damage, Gleason Home Improvement

Fallen Trees From High Winds Can Cause Major Damage to Your Home.

Don’t let damages caused by inclement weather affect another moment of your life. Call the team of master-craftsmen specializing in roof damage repair. Dial (336) 823-6156 to speak to a representative in High Point, NC. Focus on taking care of your family, and we will focus on taking care of your home.