Synthetic Shake Shingles

If you are scratching your head and wondering why haven’t you heard about synthetic shingles before than you can rest assured that you are not alone. Synthetic shingles are a recent development in the world of roofing, making their first appearance in the 1990s. Since then, synthetic shake shingles have made major improvements, making them one of the premier roofing materials on the market, while still being affordable.

Synthetic Cedar Shake Shingles Installation, Synthetic Shake Shingles Installation

Synthetic Shake Shingles Are a Convincing Alternative for Natural Cedar Shingles.

If you have been swept up by the synthetic shingle rise in popularity and are looking for a synthetic shake shingle installation in High Point, NC, then call your trusted team at Gleason Home Improvements. We have taken the time to study and learn more about synthetic shake shingles, and are more than qualified to help install them on your roof. If you would like a free estimate then contact us at (336) 823-6156

Synthetic Shake Shingles Installation

There are many wonderful qualities about synthetic shake shingles that it can be a bit overwhelming and hard to believe. We have taken the time to run down the benefits of installing synthetic shake shingles as well as explaining their downsides, to help you make a more educated decision on your shingles.


Natural cedar shingles are absolutely breathtaking. They give any home a classic look and definitely make your home stand out on the block. The major downside to cedar shingles is their large price-tag. The financial sacrifice may not be worth it to some homeowners. Before you get down on not being able to afford the roof of your dream, take into consideration synthetic cedar shake shingles. They offer a very convincing imitation of natural cedar shake. Which, if you don’t tell your neighbors, will leave them believing that you have the actual thing. If you don’t believe us, just remember that many famous celebrities, such as Elvis Presley, lost in their own look-alike competitions.

The upside to having an imitation of natural cedar is that you can get this beautiful look for a fraction of the cost. Synthetic cedar shake installation will not require as much as a financial commitment and you can make up the investment with lower maintenance bills.


Synthetic cedar shake shingles are also extremely durable thanks to the materials that are used to create them. Rubber and plastic melded together to create a hardy polymer that does not give away easily to pressure. This is why synthetic cedar shake shingles have received a class 4 impact resistant rating. This means that it is the top dog when it comes to reliability during severe weather. They also are highly resistant to curling from the harsh winds that reach up to 180mph. This means that your roof is ready to take on a category 1 or 2 hurricanes without breaking a sweat.)

Fire is also not a problem, as rubber is highly flame retardant, making it hard for a flame to get much leverage on your roof. This can help protect your family in case of a fire, ensuring that your roof isn’t going to come crashing down. (Synthetic shingles, whether slate or cedar shake has received a class A fire resistance rating, which is as high as it goes.)

Not Easily Invaded By Insects, Nor Does it Promote the Growth of Mold

Synthetic Shake Shingles Installation, No More Termites

Termites Are Only a Bad Dream With the Repellent Qualities of Synthetic Shingles.

One of the major downsides of natural cedar shake is that it is highly perceptible to insect infestation, like termites, and provides a perfect environment for mold to grow. These pests can leave your roof vulnerable and cause it to take on some major damage if it is not regularly maintained. Synthetic cedar shake shingles do not suffer this problem, as none of its materials are natural. Termite will not like the taste of rubber or plastic which makes the synthetic material a natural repellent. Water is not likely to be absorbed into the shingles, which removes one of the essential elements for mold growth.


One of the downsides to synthetic cedar shakes shingles is its age. Due to it being a relatively new material on the market, there hasn’t been enough research done on it to truly pinpoint its life-span. So far, the agreed age is fifty years. This doesn’t help in the determination of a warranty, and these can vary between manufacturers. Make sure to ask about the warranty on the material before agreeing to install it on your roof.


Despite being cheaper than its natural counterpart, synthetic cedar shake shingles are still a bit more expensive than other roofing materials. On the other hand, you can easily receive your money back over the years, as you won’t have to pay for constant repairs and maintenance.

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