Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact Resistant Shingle Installation, Severe Weather

Impact Resistant Shingles Installations Can Withstand Severe Weather.

As a homeowner, the thought of constantly receiving repairs for a roof that suffers from impact damage due to strong winds carrying debris or because of your area experiences regular severe storms that provide hail may give you a massive migraine. It may be worth considering installing impact resistant shingles onto your roof, to help offset the cost of damages.

Gleason Home Improvements is proud to offer high-quality impact resistant shingles to aid your home in the fight of the war on impact damage. If you are looking for an estimate or for someone to help you install impact resistant shingles in the High Point, NC area, then call us at (336) 823-6156

What Are Impact Resistant Shingles?

Impact resistant shingles are the Ironman of shingles. They are a unique combination of copper, aluminum, resin, and plastic which gives it a flexible surface that is able to absorb and evenly distribute the impact of hail and debris. Impact resistant shingles are always field tested before they are released, to make sure they have the right hardiness that is standard on all impact resistant shingles. This field test is done by dropping a 2″ ball from increasing heights that range from 12-20 feet in the air. The shingle is then measured for the amount of bend it can give before ultimately cracking. The response of the shingle determines what kind of impact resistant class it falls into. The resistant classes range from 1-4, with Class 1 being the weakest and Class 4 being the strongest. Impact resistant shingles consistently receive a Class 4 rating, which means that they are not likely to give out on you and your home during severe weather.

What Are the Advantages of Having Impact Resistant Shingles?

There are a plethora of advantages to having impact resistant shingles installed on your home. We have taken the time to run through them, so you can see for yourself if impact resistant shingles are right for you.


As mentioned previously, impact resistant shingles have been given a Class 4 ranking from field testing, showing that they can handle heavy impact from hail or debris. They are also able to sustain pressure from high wind speeds that reach 110mph. This means that impact resistant shingles are less likely to curl, which is a common problem for 3-tab shingles. Even if an impact resistant shingle does curl, there is a high likelihood that it will just move back into place after the wind has died down, due to its flexibility.

Insurance Companies Love Them

If you are looking to earn some discounts on your homeowner’s insurance, an impact shingle installation can help. Insurance companies often press for homeowner’s to install impact-resistant shingles, because it means that there is a lower chance of your home sustaining damage. With this in mind, it helps saves the insurance company and your money as well.

Remember, even if your impact resistant shingles were to sustain damage, your trusted team at Gleason Home Improvements can help you handle the claim processed to your insurance company. We provide free roof inspections to help you and your insurance company understand the damages your roof sustained and how much it is going to cost to repair them. We give you and your insurance company a copy of the estimate, that spells out the price of parts and labor. This way, you can get your roof repaired faster and not have to worry about your roof being compromised during the next storm. 

Another thing to keep in mind when handling your insurance company is that though they will help you front the money for repairs on your roof, they can be highly selective when it comes to what kind of repairs. If it is just a couple of shingles missing, they will often wave it off as cosmetic damage instead of an actual roof repair need.


The cost of installation is higher on impact resistant shingles than it is with architectural or 3-tab shingles. Don’t let this deter you from making the investment though. Because of the nature of impact resistant shingles, they will last you about between 5-10 years longer than a standard 3-tab shingle installation or even an architectural shingle. Add that to the reduced likelihood of getting repairs and the money saved on the discount for your homeowner’s insurance, and you will find that you can make back your investment after a couple of years, which will help you save money in the long run.

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Impact Resistant Shingles, Save Money On Roof Repairs

Don’t Spend More Money on Roof Repairs, Invest in Impact Resistant Shingle Installation.

Impact resistant shingles are more than just added protection for your home and your family, but they are also an added security blanket for your investment too. Roof installation services can be extremely costly and it is important to choose a material that will last you a long time, while not making you worry about it breaking every time the weather begins to growl. If you are looking for impact resistant shingles in High Point, NC then contact Gleason Home Improvements. For over 20 years we have been the leading provider of high-quality impact-resistant shingles and installations. We have worked hard to perfect our skills to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible. We follow this up by offering free roof inspections, so you will never have to feel alone in the maintenance of your roof. If you have further questions or would like to receive a free estimate, then call us at (336) 823-6156