Standing Seam Roof Installation


Standing Seam Roof Installation is Hardy Against Inclement Weather.

Have you ever seen one of those puzzles where you have a bunch of blocks interlocked together and you have to try and figure out which way they move to become unstuck? Odds are, at some point, you have gotten frustrated and just tried pulling the blocks apart using your strength. Do you remember what happened when you did that? Nothing. Interlocking blocks or panels are extremely durable and do not crack under pressure. If you are looking for a roof that has the same resistance and power, then why not consider standing seam roof installation? At Gleason Home Improvements we have an expert team of roofers who specialize in standing seam roof installation in High Point, NC. If you would like to talk to a representative about a free estimate or to set up your new roof installation, then call us at (336) 823-6156

What Is A Standing Seam Roof?

Standing seam roofs are a bit complex to explain, as they have a lot of parts that make them sturdy like the puzzle mentioned earlier, so bear with us. A standing seam roof is created by a concealed fastener metal panel system. The fastening system, depending on the type, allows the roof to be extra hardy and resistant to pull, ensuring that it doesn’t come apart and cause leaks.

Types Of Concealed Fastener Panel Systems

Standing seam roofs were designed with the client in mind. Depending on where you live and the type of roof you have decides which kind of fastener panel system works for you. Your trusted team of roofers at Gleason Home Improvements can help you decide which fastener panel system you need. But, if you are like us, and want to know the differences between the types, we will go through them with you. 


Snap-lock fasteners are used for pitched roofs, as they are built with two legs to help create a seam that can easily be fastened together without mechanical engineering. It is generally cheaper than the other fastener panels, as it doesn’t require as much labor during installation. It is hardy and can withstand any type of environment, and is known to last your roof a long time.

Mechanical Lock

Standing Seam Roof Installation Panels

Standing Seam Roof Installation is Becoming Popular With Residential Homes.

Mechanical Locks can be broken down into two sub-types, single lock, and double lock. These fastener panels require mechanical seaming during installation, to make sure the mechanisms are snapped properly into place, ensuring the stability of your roof.

Single Lock is named because it only has one fold on the seam. Though it is not as sturdy as its double lock counterpart, it is perfect for milder environments that do not see a lot of severe or drastic changes in weather. The advantages of a single lock are that it is cheaper and it makes it easier to repair the roof if need be, as it isn’t complex to undo the lock. This helps lower the cost of labor.

Double Lock refers to its double folded seam. This type of lock is better for roofs that have a low slope, especially on older homes that need aid in weather protection. These panels are extremely sturdy and do not easily become undone, making them perfect for harsher environments. The only downside is that they make it difficult to receive repairs if a panel becomes damaged or dented. This makes the cost of labor a bit higher.

Batten Panel

Batten panels are reinforced with caps to make their locking mechanisms more protected from inclement weather. There are two different types of caps though, and depending on the environment your home is in, can help you decide which one is the best for you.

Tee Seam is mechanically pressed into place which makes them weather tight. They are also reinforced with a sealant, which allows them to perform exceptionally well in harsher environments. Because of the caps on the panels, they can be easily removed allowing roofers to replace or repair broken panels without much hassle.

Snap Cap are named because they are snapped into place by hand, instead of by machine. Though this lowers the cost of installation, it is important to have a team that knows what they are doing, such as your team at Gleason Home Improvements. Improper installation can lead to the snap cap simply sliding off, which leaves your roof vulnerable to damage. A lot of homeowners like snap caps because of their aesthetic appeal. They are better suited to a milder environment.

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Nail Flange

Nail flange fasteners are the most common type for residential use, and this is because they have the cheapest installation cost. Low cost is something to consider, especially if you are looking to stay on a budget, but just keep in mind that nail flange fasteners are not as sturdy as the other types of fastening systems.

Improper installation of a nail flange can leave your roof vulnerable to damage, as they tend to follow the faults in your roof. They also do not fare well under intense weather, especially in climates where there are extreme changes in temperature. The pins that are used in the nail flange do not allow for the metal to expand and contract easily.

Standing Seam Roof Installation 


Don’t Forget to Ask About Added Protection With Insulation.

Standing seam roof Installation has risen in popularity due to its ability to undertake large amounts of stress without breaking. They are weather tight, help with insulation, keeping your energy costs down, and have a long life span, allowing you to enjoy your roof without having to worry about replacing it in the near future.

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