Residential Roofing Company in High Point, NC

Gleason Home Improvement Specialist, Certainteed

Our Dedication to Excellence Has Awarded Us the “Shingle Master” Certification.

Gleason Home Improvements does not just claim to be the premier residential roofing company, but we back it up with our “Shingle Master” certification from Certainteed. This means that we have been awarded for our mastery at shingle application. We use only the highest grade materials at a price that is affordable to our clients. Our mission, to make sure that all of your clients live in a home with a roof that is aesthetically pleasing while also being efficient at protecting the family, drives our every decision. This is why we do not cut corners during a job to meet a deadline. We follow only the best procedures when it comes to roofing and follow the strictest safety precautions, ensuring the safety of our team and your family.  

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Residential Roofing Services

At Gleason Home Improvements, we offer a variety of residential roofing services, making us your one-stop team for all of your roofing needs. Our clients have raved about the look, reliability, and durability of our roofs. We want you to feel the same pride and confidence. We do it all, from emergency roof repair to new roof installations. Here is a list of the services that we provide.  

Residential Roof Types

Gleason Home Improvements understands that you have a specific look that you are aiming for when you are deciding which kind of roof to install in your home. That is why we offer a variety of different types of shingles and roofing materials, making us a versatile and well-rounded roofing company. If you are looking for durability during storms, consider our impact resistant shingles, or for a more unique look the synthetic shingles. Whatever you are looking for, we have it and can make it happen.

We understand that new roofs are a huge investment for you as a homeowner. That is why we work with you when it comes to financing, so that way you can enjoy your new roof, without fretting about how you are going to gather the funds to pay for it. 

Our roofing materials also come with warranties, meaning that we back up our services. If on the off-chance that something were to go wrong, then you have our guarantee and commitment that we will make it right.

We Are Proud Of The Work We Do, And It Shows, The Quality And Beauty Of The Work Speak For Itself.

Are You Able to Work With Insurance Companies?

We understand that paying for emergency roofing repairs can be extremely costly and put stress on you and your family. Gleason Home Improvements is dedicated to helping our clients farther than just merely the roof. We work with insurance companies to help them understand what damages have been done and the plan to repair them. To do this, we perform an inspection on your roof, so to get an overview of its overall state. Our inspectors will mark down the repairs that need to be done, then factor in the cost for parts and labor. Then we’ll give you a copy of the estimate and a second copy to give to your insurance company when you make the claim. This way, your insurance company can see in writing exactly what costs they are covering. 

Make sure to always double check with your insurance company before seeking out repairs. Some insurance companies are selective when it comes to which roofing companies they work with. While we are always open to working with any insurance company, we do not want to cause you or your family financial stress, if your insurance company will not work with us.

If you have a roof that needs immediate repair and your insurance company is asking about the extent of the damages in High Point, NC, call us today at (336) 823-6156 for a free inspection. 

Residential Roofing Contractor

When it comes to making a decision about which type of roof is best for your home, don’t make the journey alone. Our expert roofers are willing to sit down with you and explain all of your options. Knowledge is the key to success, and we believe the more information you have, the better you feel when deciding about the material being used to repair or be installed on your new roof.

We also understand that life can be unpredictable, which is why we offer free inspection and free estimate when considering what repairs need to be done to your roof. We do not want you paying for services that your roof may not need, which is why we do not hassle you to buy unneeded material or repairs. 

All of our work gets done well and quickly, so that way the act of construction doesn’t interfere with the lives of you and your family. 

If you would like to speak with a representative and schedule your free estimate or you have any further questions about our residential roofing services in High Point, NC then call Gleason Home Improvements at (336) 823-6156.