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For anyone with a home, you know the struggle that comes with upkeep and maintenance. As soon as you get one area under control, something else seems to come up and pull your attention. What many homeowners don’t realize is that there is one, sure-fire way to quickly update your home is actually with the siding. The siding on your home plays an important role. Not only does it need to look clean and maintained, but it’s necessary to protect a large part of the structure of your home. When you need help with siding installation in High Point, NC, contact Gleason Home Improvements. We’re available now at (336) 823-6156.

The Best Siding for Houses 

When it comes to home repair, there are a lot of things that you have to consider. One area that can easily get overlooked is the siding. Home siding is a critical area that can instantly improve the appearance and value of your property. Siding repair is a great way to update and improve your home, but it can be difficult to know what the best options are for you. Let’s go over them. 

  • Vinyl: Vinyl is the cheapest and quite possibly the most readily available home siding on the market. It’s a manufactured option that provides a decent amount of reliability, protection, and durability. It is subject to rot if water gets behind the boards, but so is wood siding. 
  • Metal/Aluminum: The next cheapest option for homes is metal or aluminum siding. This is great because it provides all the reliability and durability of vinyl without the rot. That being said, metal siding without insulation can create problems. 
  • Brick: The majority of homes today are manufactured with brick siding. Brick is a sound investment for home siding, but it can have its problems. For example, when the weather heats up, the brick will retain heat and warm up your home. But it is a stylish choice that provides incredible reliability and durability. 
  • Wood: Probably the most stylish and fashionable siding option for homeowners is wood siding. While wood siding is beautiful, it can be quite a bit to keep up with. There are synthetic manufacturers out there that can create similar effects, but wood siding is not seen much anymore. 
  • Stucco: Perhaps the most popular and the most reliable home siding is none other than stucco. This material has been used for decades and offers incredible longevity, reliability, and beauty. It can be painted or mixed to match your aesthetic without compromising the protectivity of the material.

Depending on your budget, you have several siding options to choose from. For any of the choices, many homeowners want to know, “Can siding be painted?” And the answer is, yes! Whether you have vinyl or stucco siding, it can more than likely be painted to match your style and your needs. That’s typically why most homeowners choose vinyl as their siding since it does offer the most for versatility.

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Siding Repair or Replacement

There will come a time for every homeowner when they need to answer the question: repair or replace the siding on their home? Either answer comes with different options and different price tags. Repairing the siding could mean that only the surface level is damaged. Things like hail, wind, sprinklers and more can cause a certain degree of damage that would only require repairs. 

However, if the underlying structure and insulation are damaged, then you may need a complete replacement. Siding with insulation should be on every home, but that also means that you have a greater risk for damage and replacement needs. When the insulation becomes infested with mold growth or completely damage, then repairs may not be enough. You may need a total siding replacement. The best way to determine that is to hire a professional contractor for an inspection. Just like you would hire a professional technician for water heater repair. They can help you determine the extent of any damage and what the best course of action is. For that, rely on Gleason Home Improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to put siding on a house?
    • The cost will depend on what siding material you choose. Vinyl siding on average could cost homeowners about $6,800 for a total replacement. If you were to choose wood or aluminum, the cost could increase or decrease. 
  • Does siding increase home value?
    • Yes, by updating and repairing the siding on your home you could easily increase the overall value of your home. Several publications suggest that you could see an increase of about 78.2% of the overall project cost. 
  • How long does siding a house take?
    • It will depend on the overall square footage that needs to be repaired or replaced. Generally speaking, though, it will more than likely take between 10 and 12 days to complete a siding job. 
  • What is the cheapest siding for a house?
    • Vinyl is going to be the most inexpensive siding option. It also offers the most colors and texture options. The next most inexpensive option for homes is metal or aluminum siding. 
  • What is the most durable siding?
    • The prevailing idea for many years was that while vinyl was inexpensive, it wasn’t the most durable siding for a house. As the years have shown, vinyl is just as durable as metal or wood siding. So really, it’s your personal preference.
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